Scout Deer Blinds – 4′ by 6′ Deer Blind



This skid based deer blind loads into the back of a full sized pickup truck bed and goes where you want to go. These deer blinds can easily be moved around before each season. Don’t waste a deer blind in a pasture that didn’t come in.

This Mobile Skid based Deer Blind easily accommodates one to two deer hunters.

Scout Deer Blind Features

  • 4’x6‘ Scout Blind
  • Skids
  • 5’ Ceiling Height (Low Profile)
  • All Carpet inside
  • Shelf Quick Setup
  • Slide in back of Truck Bed
  • Steel Tubing Structure

MB Ranch King – Deer Blind Guarantee : Our Quality of materials, workmanship and service allows us to guarantee our blinds 100% for customers satisfaction. If exceptions are not met we will repair, replace or refund at no expense to the customer. 10-year warranty on non-peeling, non-fading camo metal.


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