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Dave Hale Industries supplies premium deer blinds to ranches throughout North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. These deer blinds are made in the USA and are to built to last a generation of hunters. Quality materials and craftsmanship goes into every deer blind. These deer blinds are perfect for the family hunt, your son or daughter’s first hunt and especially “The Big Hunt.” You’ll enjoy knowing all through the summer that your deer blinds will need basically no maintenance come the fall.

Dave Hale Industries offers economy deer blinds, insulated deer blinds and even trailer based deer blinds that can easily be re-positioned throughout the deer season. We also offer one of the only wheelchair accessible deer blinds in the industry. Don’r forget to look at our feeders, hog traps and hog gates and professional shooting benches.

In addition, Dave Hale is a artisan woodworker and craftsman. His work is featured in beautiful ranch homes throughout Texas and the Southwest.

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North Texas Deer Blinds

The Best Deer Blinds in North Texas!

Hog Traps & Hog Gates

Artisan Mesquite Wood & Chainsaw Carvings

Don’t Buy Cheap Fiberglass Deer Blinds! It is like hunting from a Port-A-Potty!

Cheap fiberglass deer blinds are only good for a season or two at best.

  • Drafty and Cold
  • Windows won’t open
  • Nests for spiders and hornets
  • Rickety and loud
  • Unsafe stairs and railings
  • Bad seams and poor craftsmanship

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Dave Hale Industries is an Authorized Dealer of MB Ranch King Deer Blinds. MB Ranch King is a manufacturer of premium deer Blinds and deer feeders and is a leader in the deer blind industry.